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Shuttleworth Mead

Shuttleworth Mead Business Park is located just off the M65 in Padiham. We were hired by the owner of the site to take aerial images of the 50 acre site.

  • Date: 2 January 2019
  • Client: Group First
  • Project Type: Aerial Photography

About this project

Once the site of a major power station, now home to some of Lancashire’s business heavyweights, Shuttleworth Mead Business Park is a 50-acre site juxtaposing modern business environments with beautiful natural surroundings.

The park is home to more than 40 businesses, offering a total of 600,000 sq ft of office and industrial space. Businesses located within the park include Graham and Brown, Fagan and Whalley, Padiham Glass, Simply Classic and Wham, as well as Group First head office within Group First House Business First centre.

The brief was to capture:

  • How close the site was to the motorway links
  • The size of each unit
  • The variety of businesses on the business park

For this project we had to be conscious of other users of the business park and also the motorway to ensure we flew safely.

We were flying the latest DJI Inspire UAV fitted with the X5R camera which allows us to capture images in a stunning RAW format.

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